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Nourish You

May 10, 2022

Welcome back to the Nourish You Podcast! On today’s episode I’m chatting with special guest, Amanda Liptak. Amanda is a Registered Dietitian with her own practice and over 20 years experience, who supports men and women who want to let go of restricted diets and lose the weight for good. Amanda supports an ‘all foods fit’ approach as long as it fits for you. She is also a mentor and business coach to other RD’s starting their own practices. 


Join me for a conversation inside the episode about:


  • Am I taking an ‘all foods fit’ approach or an ‘all or nothing’ mentality? 
  • How to adopt an all foods fit approach that actually fits your lifestyle 
  • The power of flexible, repeatable routines
  • Sleep hygiene; are you actually getting enough sleep? 
  • “One point wins the game” progression over perfection
  • Accepting who you are right now
  • “Everything in moderation” cue the eyeroll
  • Intuitiveness and boundaries for better balance


If you resonated with any of these lessons, reach out and let me know on social media!


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